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Configure > Command Options

Full list of command options can be viewed by running h2o --help. Following is the output of --help as of version 1.2.0.

  -c, --conf FILE    configuration file (default: h2o.conf)
  -m, --mode <mode>  specifies one of the following mode
                     - worker: invoked process handles incoming connections
                     - daemon: spawns a master process and exits. `error-log`
                               must be configured when using this mode, as all
                               the errors are logged to the file instead of
                               being emitted to STDERR
                     - master: invoked process becomes a master process (using
                               the `share/h2o/start_server` command) and spawns
                               a worker process for handling incoming
                               connections. Users may send SIGHUP to the master
                               process to reconfigure or upgrade the server.
                     - test:   tests the configuration and exits
  -t, --test         synonym of `--mode=test`
  -v, --version      prints the version number
  -h, --help         print this help

The default path of the configuration file may differ depending on the distribution. Please run h2o --help to find out the location.