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Configure > Errordoc Directives

This document describes the configuration directives of the errordoc handler.


Specifies the content to be sent when returning an error response (i.e. a response with 4xx or 5xx status code).

The argument must be a mapping containing following attributes, or if it is a sequence, every element must be a mapping with the following attributes.

  • status - three-digit number indicating the status code (or sequence of that from version 2.3)
  • url - URL of the document to be served

URL can either be absolute or relative. Only content-type, content-language, set-cookie headers obtained from the specified URL are served to the client.

Example. Set error document for 404 status
  status: 404
  url: /404.html
Example. Set error document for 500 and 503 status
  - status: 500
    url: /internal-error.html
  - status: 503
    url: /service-unavailable.html
Example. Set error document for 50x statuses (From version 2.3)
  status: [500, 502, 503, 504]
  url: /50x.html

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