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Configure > Status Directives

The status handler exposes the current states of the HTTP server. This document describes the configuration directives of the handler.

since v2.0



If the argument is ON, the directive registers the status handler to the current path.

Access to the handler should be restricted, considering the fact that the status includes the details of in-flight HTTP requests. The example below uses Basic authentication.

Example. Exposing status with Basic authentication
    mruby.handler: |
      require "htpasswd.rb"
      Htpasswd.new("/path/to/.htpasswd", "status")
    status: ON

The information returned by the /json handler can be filtered out using the optional show=module1,module2 parameter. There are currently three modules defined:

  • requests: displays the requests currently in-flight.
  • errors: displays counters for internally generated errors.
  • main: displays general daemon-wide stats.